A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Relax. Jump, sneak, strafe, and tackle to reveal the hidden box flocks across 7 solid-color levels of increasing difficulty.

Touch an odd-block in the color-sphere and its game-over. Watch out.

Press P or ESC to bring up the in-game menu. This will display your progress and available settings.

If you desire accompanying sound, I recommend playing some music that you find relaxing before you begin. The game gets a bit tense the farther you go. ;)

This was an exercise in silent game design.
Over a dozen color schemes to choose from!!
(Both for accessibility, and conversely, varied difficulty)

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20160402InsularA_Win.zip 46 MB
20160402InsularA_Mac.zip 17 MB
20160402InsularA_Linux_Debug.zip 47 MB


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So much fun! love the color choices. It really adds another dimension and challenge to the game!